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There is no denying RAF Lossiemouth is a long way north but it most certainly isn't isolated or remote with daily flights across the UK from nearby airports and great rail connections. We also have some of the UK's most unspoilt locations within a short drive so your free time can be spent exploring the Highlands and Islands in on our two Station camper vans.

Your adventure starts here!

Paddle boarding in the morning then skiing in the afternoon, our unique location means there is unrivalled access to sports, outdoor pursuits & adventurous training at Lossie!

Operations Wing

With 4 combat air Squadrons, a growing ISTAR fleet, support for international exercises and operations, Ops Wing sit at the very heart of #TeamLossie success story

Engineering and Logistics Wing

The largest wing within #TeamLossie & absolutely pivotal to our operational success, ELW has over 800 people working together to ensure the aircraft, the equipment, fuels and people to be in the right place at the right time.

Base Support Wing

A busy and diverse and wing that brings together a wide range of skills, expertise & experience, Base Support Wing are unseen & often unsung heroes within #TeamLossie!

5 Force Protection Wing

Responsible for all security & ground combat activities including 3 Reserve units, 5 Force Protection Wing is home to both RAF Police & RAF Regiment personnel.


The newest arrivals to #TeamLossie, our submarine hunting P8 Squadrons operate from a purpose-built £1M building & on the most advanced systems in the RAF. 8 Squadron will move here when the new E7 Wedgetail arrives in the UK.

Explore what it means to be part of the RAF's maritime patrol capability playing a vital role in the defence of the UK on the most advanced systems!

Single Living Accommodation

Where you live on base is important - this is your home so we work hard to make it the very best it can be.

Support For Families

We recognise you may be further away from your extended family so we work extra hard & have invested heavily in the supports we offer. #TeamLossie is one big community that really looks after each other.

Service Families Accommodation

With numerous 'patches' in Lossie, Elgin and nearby Kinloss there is plenty of choice and there is no secret - our families accommodation are some of the best in the UK.

Your Own Home

The RAF salary goes a long way in Moray so if you want to buy your own place, you will be surpised at what you could buy & many firms offer a MOD discount on new builds.

Local Employment Opportunities

Moray has a diverse and growing economy that often struggles to recruit so arriving RAF families are welcome additions to the local talent pool. There are no closed doors and some great opportunities in highly technical, skilled and managerial positions, and there is a massive entrepreneurial spirit with loads of support if you want to run your own business!

Children & Schooling

OK! we admit it - education and childcare in Scotland is different to the rest of the UK but not as different as you might think plus local schools are great at helping Armed Forces children settle in. There are also great employment opportunities for teaching staffs who come to Moray with their serving partner.

Life on a Typhoon Squadron

Home to 4 frontline Typhoon Squadrons, #TeamLossie delivers 24/7 QRA activities & deploys worldwide in support of UK & NATO Defence tasks.

Lossie Life

RAF Lossiemouth has all the clubs & facilities you would expect from a large busy station plus a few surprises!

Introduction to #TeamLossie

RAF Lossiemouth is rapidly becoming the UK's largest gathering of combat air power. Every role matters and contributes to securing the skies and protecting the seas 24/7.


Moray really does have something for everyone. Whether it's enjoying the stunning local environment or trying out a cocktail or three at the local wine bar, the wider Moray area is a vibrant place to be, and the local weather may surprise you too! It's not the frozen north you might expect!