Officers’ Mess

The Officers’ Mess is a modern facility with a large dining room, bar, fenced garden, and conference room.

Mess ‘pods’

The Mess is split between the main building and ‘pods’ which contain either 4 or 8 rooms with access to a utility room. All rooms have double beds, a desk, chairs, and plenty of wardrobe space.

Mess room

There is a strong sense of community within the Livers-In with many planning BBQs, paddle boarding, munro walking and more during the weekends.

Livers-In enjoying table tennis in the Mess garden

The Mess garden has recently been upgraded with new garden furniture which can be enjoyed by all Mess Members.

Mess garden

The Mess has a large dining room for formal dinners and day-to-day catering.

Mess Dining Room

During some periods, the Mess may be full and so you may be accommodated at Kinloss Barracks. For short-term visitors (less than two weeks) you may have to go in to hotel accommodation.

Please contact the Mess reception on 01343 817238