Your Own Home

Moray is an affordable area to purchase your own home

The RAF salary goes along way in Moray, so if you want to buy your own place you will be surprised at what you could afford.

There is a massive surge in new homes being built in the area. These are all affordable starter and family homes on modern estates, in great locations, where your RAF salary will secure a decent property. These are also a great investment if you do decide to move away from Lossie, as there is always demand for rental properties. MOD discounts are being offer by some of the local property construction firms, making purchasing your own home even more affordable.

If a new-build isn’t your cup-of-tea, the area offers the opportunity to buy a wide variety of property. Whether you’re after a house with a sea-view, your own rural retreat with some land, or maybe a place packed with period features, you’ll find something to suit your lifestyle.

You could even qualify for help with a deposit too, through the Forces Help To Buy Scheme.

Discover some popular locations to settle

We understand that it can be hard to narrow down the options of where to settle when you are unfamiliar with an area. Deciding where to live is an important decision for yourself and your family.

Our Service Families Accommodation is available in Lossiemouth, Elgin and Kinloss, so you can be confident that these areas offer a comfortable commute time and a community who welcome our Armed Forces personnel. The coastal lifestyle and ability to walk to work make Lossiemouth a natural choice for many. However, if you’re looking for a busier-pace and access to amenities then Elgin might be a good option. You might also consider the ever-popular town of Forres which neighbours Kinloss.

To the east of Lossiemouth, the towns of Lhandbryde, Fochabers and Buckie are popular locations because of their good commute time and property affordability. To the west, there are the picturesque and popular villages of Burghead and Hopeman offering wonderful coastal scenery.

These are just some suggestions, Moray has a wide offering of vibrant communities to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find somewhere to call home!

Private Rental Properties

Although the private rental market locally can be limited, with families homes usually in high demand, many of our service personnel are successful in securing long-term rental properties.

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