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Here’s what our people have to say..

We have asked some members of our community to highlight some of their experiences of living in Moray.

“Scotland was always a negative choice for 25 years due to the misconception that it was an isolated location. This could not have been more wrong. Beautiful location, closest airport only 45mins away, good transport networks, and amazing opportunities for adventure training. I even completed sledging on snow on the beach – where else can you do that? Section PT on the beach followed by a delicious ice cream – what more do you want? I am looking at coming back here to retire.”

SUE, WARRANT OFFICER (Married, Accompanied)
Personnel undertaking physical exercises on the beach

“I live in the Junior Rank block but head home to Leuchars once or twice a month. The Aberdeen bypass has made travelling to Fife a lot easier. On Station, I go to the gym which has a lot of machines and circuit sessions are the best in the RAF! I can also use the welfare flats to bring up my family which is great! I would love to stay here for the rest of my career!”

Mark, Senior Aircraftman (unaccompanied)
Randolph’s Leap – is an Site of Special Scientific Interest within Moray

“As a first-tourist, I really wanted to serve at RAF Lossiemouth because it’s a major air base and I wanted to be involved and exposed to a busy and diverse Station. I love hill-walking serving up here allows me the opportunity to get on the munros at any time. Living in the mess is great and despite the challenges of COVID, found the community spirit within the Livers-In fantastic!”

ELLIE, FLYING OFFICER (unaccompanied).

“I love road and mountain biking and it’s really easy to leave the Station to stretch the legs. Interacting with other Livers-In provides a great insight into other branches as every section on Station is represented.”

HARRY, PILOT OFFICER (unaccompanied)
Duffus Castle – a local historical site close to Lossie

“I have recently moved away from Station to a new assignment in southern England. Whilst, I was happy to move, I really liked living in Moray especially the opportunities for my child to participate in free after-school activities such as swimming. With the recent announcement of additional funding for free music lessons, I think it’s great news for all children to have the opportunity to learn a new instrument.”

Claire, Wing Commander (married with one child)

You can find out more about the recent announcement of additional funding for music lessons here on the BBC website.

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