Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation

For Junior Ranks, there are a mixture of ensuite and shared ablution rooms. Rooms are spacious with utility rooms which helps create a sense of community and a great social life.

As Lossie is growing, 300 more bed spaces are being created with the development of a new modern accommodation building. These new rooms are being specially designed and created with modern appliances and sufficient storage space.

Examples of what the new Junior Ranks’ SLA will look like.
A convenience shop, Post Office and Subway are located on station and within walking distances of all SLA.

We have also changed our policy recently to allow dog ownership in all Single Living Accommodation. There are some conditions but if you have a dog and want to live on camp, there should be opportunities. This is part of our ASTRA commitment and just one of many little but important changes that we are doing to improve the quality of life on station.

Junior Ranks now have access their own bar and eatery on camp. The new ‘Barrel and Bean’ facility is brand new to 2021 and is an excellent place to meet up with friends and relax after work!

For bookings or questions please contact the Accommodation Cell: LOS-JRMACCNCELL@mod.gov.uk.