Employment Opportunities

The Moray area is bursting with employment opportunities across the whole spectrum of roles and departments. This extends all the way to Rocket Scientists as Orbex, a Scottish Aerospace company, has set up it’s Headquarters in Forres which is less than 30 minutes away! If you look at the cover image above this shows Enterprise Park located in Forres which is full of high quality business units and land for development. We are now going to look at some common myths that are often spread about Lossiemouth.

Myth One –

Local Employees Won’t Recruit RAF Spouses Because They Are Scared Of You Moving On

Perhaps a pinch of truth back in the midst of time for the small companies employing only a handful of staff but given the high rates of RAF families who choose to settle locally this is no longer an issue. All he main local employees such as public sector (local authority, NHS Grampian etc), retail and international branches such as Baxters, Johnstones and Walkers Shortbread are actively keen to employ an RAF spouse.

As I mentioned before Rocket Scientists have moved into the area! Moray often struggles to attract new talent to the region so RAF familes and RAF service leavers settling in area are incredibly welcome additions to the employment pool. From senior project management to specialists within NHS. teachers to receptionists, there are vacancies locally at every level and you are knocking at a open door.

Myth Two –

Only Low – level shop or factory work is available in Moray

Myth Three –

My Own Business Can’t Run From Moray

Moray has benefited from massive investments in digital connectivity and there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit locally. COVID has changed many business models with a move to working from home, you will find a soft landing and a strong support structure within the business community, Moray Business Woman being a great example.

Scotland does have different professional bodies for some professions like teaching which historically didn’t accept qualifications from somewhere else in the UK or overseas. This is rapidly changing and whilst some qualifications require a short period of re-training on Scottish specific elements of work, this shouldn’t be a barrio to immediate employment. Moray Council, for example, will employ a teacher qualified in England whilst they go through their registration process and they advertise through forces families jobs: www.forcesfamiliesjobs.co.uk.  

Myth Four –

My qualifications wont transfer to Scotland 

Key Employers in our Area


To make the best quality products, we need the best people. We’re always looking for motivated, innovative talent to join the Baxters family. Why not tave a look at our current opportunities?


Our place in the community is of great importance to us. We aim to provide as much employment as possible to our local community.

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The Macallan

Our new Distillery and Visitor Experience is testament to the rich legacy of The Macallan, with a firm lens on our future.

Find out about our career opportunities here!

You can find out more about employment options here across all of Muray!

Won’t I pay more Income Tax in Scotland?

Yes, Income tax is different in Scotland and higher earners do pay a little more. If you are assigned to Lossie, the MOD will provide adjustment so no one in the Armed Forces pays more to serve in Scotland than elsewhere.

If you want to learn more about how much income tax you might pay in Scotland, the BBC have a great article that can be found here!

Sarah Riley-Evans, Armed Forces Covenant Champion